AutoMIStar is a medical image processing software for advanced visualization and analysis of perfusion and diffusion images. It provides automated image processing and calculates various perfusion- and diffusion-related maps together with threshold maps and lesion volumes reflecting tissue perfusion and diffusion status.

Links to stroke projects:
MOSES - Monitoring Of Stroke Endovascular Services
TACTICS - Telehealth and Advanced CT Imaging Combined Study
TASTE - Tenecteplase versus Alteplase for Stroke Thrombolysis Evaluation Trial
TIPS - Thrombolysis ImPlementation in Stroke
INSPIRE - International Stroke Perfusion Imaging Registry

Data courtesy of Prof. Mark Parsons, Melbourne Brain Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital; Prof. Chris Levi, John Hunter Hospital; A/Prof. Timothy Kleinig, Royal Adelaide Hospital; Prof. Kenneth Butcher, University of Alberta.