DCE-MRI Perfusion Module features both high quality parametric curve analysis and robust deconvolution algorithm with compartment model** of perfusion/permeability maps for studing tumor angiogenesis. Features include:

  • Peak height & Area under curve
  • Arrival time & Time to peak
  • Maximum uptake slope
  • Maximum washout slope
  • Transfer constant (Ktrans)**
  • Rate constant (kep)**
  • EES volume fraction (ve)**
  • Plasma volume fraction (vp)**

DCE-MRI permeability map color overlay on MRI in cervical cancer (left) and brain tumor (right). Data courtesy of Dr Nick Ferris, Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, Australia.

DCE-MRI with a new macromolecular contrast agent in a rat colorectal cancer model. Data courtesy of Drs Wim Ceelen and Peter Smeets, Gent University Hospital, Belgium.

** These functions have not been cleared by the FDA, and are for research uses only.